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My name is Tyler English, owner of The Best Independent Gym in America and body transformation coach to hundreds of people just like you. I’m here today to help you find the solution you are still searching for.
90% of the people that walk into our doors want to lose body fat, 100% of them want a body transformation…this takes TIME and COMMITMENT!
At TEF giving our body transformation clients a “meal plan” is not our key to long-term success.
An arbitrary meal plan teaches you nothing about the connection between fat loss nutrition and your lifestyle. A meal plan is not a proper diet, nor is it sustainable in the real world. You need to learn the power of flexible dieting.
Flexible dieting is about creating a healthy relationship with food, not following a meal plan that eliminates the food you enjoy. Flexible dieting is a nutritional concept. Adaptable to EVERY lifestyle.
A “Diet” is the FOOD you consume daily to survive…Say that again…
Flexible Dieting allows you to eat foods you enjoy. That means foods you enjoy that are both “healthy” and “unhealthy.”
Food isn’t “good,” “bad,” “super,” etc. – so please STOP thinking this. Proper food choices lead to body fat loss, lean muscle gain and performance.
Focus just as much on maintaining fat loss as achieving it! When you create a world of restriction you become a rigid dieter, who only thinks in the short-term for two reasons:
A. You want results as fast as possible, so you set up a diet you hate because you rationalize that it won’t last long.
B. After you set up a diet you don’t like, you become even more focused on the short-term because that’s the only way you can make your diet bearable.
Losing fat isn’t the hard part.
It’s maintaining fat loss that’s really hard. My team and I are going to help you…starting today! It’s about building a lifestyle…not about a quick fix.
It’s about progress, not deprivation.

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