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Shot of Adrenaline (SOA), at first glance, may appear to be just a bodyweight exercise website. And yes, this site will help you build muscle, get stronger and lose body fat (without the use of weights). But we are also so much more than that.
I have always been skinny. Growing up I hated eating and wished that someone could invent a pill that I could take and I would never have to worry about eating again.
Life could be focused on more important things.
As you may have guessed, not enjoying eating lead to a body that was scrawny and weak.
Here is a picture of my family and I on vacation. I’m the kid on the right with the blonde hair (awww… those were the glory days.)
See how skinny I was?
I didn’t care though. I always wanted to be a famous rock ‘n roll electric guitarist growing up.
Several years later I got into the martial arts (Tai Chi, Kenpo, BJJ and others). In Kenpo class we did extreme bodyweight calisthenics and I was always blown away at how difficult they were.
I became obsessed with mastering my own bodyweight through calisthenics and learning how to build mass and strength while just using my own body weight.
The confidence from transforming my body gave me confidence in many other areas of my life including building this online business, finding my dream woman and leading a family.
If you have not joined the SOA community I highly recommend doing so.
When you join I will send you my FREE Complete Bodyweight Training program where you can learn the principles of bodyweight muscle building, strength training and fat reduction.
People ask me frequently why I choose to do bodyweight exercises exclusively. I usually say that its not that I think weight lifting is bad. I just have a strong draw toward mastering my own body.
I find it strange that it is more common to find someone that can bench press 300lbs but can’t do a handstand pushup.
Its about self-mastery.
I envision a world where hundreds of people are in the park doing calisthenics. Yet, not ordinary calisthenics. They are moving from planches to one-armed-handstands to pistol squats in one synchronized flow. They are breathing deeply. They are strong. They are flowing. They are mastering their own body in all kinds of different inversions and angles.
It’s kind of like how some people practice the Chinese martial art Tai Chi. Yet, it would be an extreme, calisthenic version of Tai Chi. That’s the vision I’m working toward. That’s the reason I do bodyweight training. Its more about testing the limits of the human body and progressing beyond what I thought I could do. Its about moving one step closer to self-mastery.

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