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Rob Regish

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The Blueprint is the ONLY training system endorsed by, and is being used successfully by thousands of people from the U.S. to Australia. The book that covers it ALL: Training, diet, little known supplement secrets etc. All of the very BEST information on gaining muscle, losing fat and getting in shape – FAST is contained in these pages!
Since 2009, The Blueprint has been transforming people’s physiques in record time. You’ll learn how to break through ANY plateau, build muscle, burn fat, gain greater power and get HEALTHY. Included is information not available anywhere, including POWERFUL fat loss and muscle building strategies from Russia, Germany, the United States and elsewhere in an easy to execute, REPEATABLE system supported by a FREE user forum – to ensure your success!
Rob lives his training every day, just like you. At almost 45 years of age, he can still be found doing 1 arm pushups and training hard in the gym. And just like you he takes this lifestyle seriously, with an eye for RESULTS. After all, RESULTS are what really matter. So learn from his hard won knowledge and wisdom.

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