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Bodyweight Training for Supreme Muscle Gain

Mike Thiga

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The Muscle Experiment is a training program designed to pack on muscle on even the skinniest person, with the use of Bodyweight Training Exercises. The reason I decided to call it “The Muscle Experiment” is because it all came about after a little ’experiment’ I decided to try on myself in 2008.
You see, I was born with a withered right arm, which has one finger. And because of this people used to treat me like a helpless weakling. And whenever I tried to go to a gym to workout, nobody really wanted to train me because they though I’d be ‘excess baggage’ and slow them down.
So I decided to get into bodyweight training. I had heard stories of people who had built impressive physiques without lifting weights. The warriors of ancient days had amazing physiques…long before weightlifting was invented. My uncle who was in the military was also a pretty big guy, and as I recall he never trained with weights.
And with this, my bodyweight training muscle building journey began. I knew I was going to build muscle without weights, and nothing was going to stop me. At the end of my first 23 week training cycle, I had gained 39 pounds of muscle.

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