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I’m 21 years old, 4th year college student (will I ever graduate?), half Filipino half Caucasian, 5’5.5″ tall. I’ve been lifting weights since age 15.
I’ve been competing in natural bodybuilding since 2010.
My next competitions are in June and July 2013.
My biggest goal involving bodybuilding and fitness is to make a HUUUUUGE impact on the masses involving spreading the TRUTH. I fight the good fight guys. I’m all about sharing what really matters, and throwing to the dumpster the sh*t that doesn’t matter… It’s all about the fundamentals of exercise, nutrition, and related topics which seem to not be emphasized in mainstream media magazines, television, and websites. The fitness and supplement industry is focused on profit, not the truth, not integrity, not honesty. We live in a society that hides from us the truth about gaining muscle and losing fat, because the truth (generally) doesn’t make that much money. I can relate to the youngster who gets mixed up wasting energy (ineffective training methods), money(unnecessary supplements and gadgets), and time doing things in life that don’t matter… Because I once was that kid…
It takes effort, time, and patience, but WE CAN and WILL spread awareness of the truth.
Rant aside, I’m only here to help and interact with all of you guys, so feel free to ask questions. I’ll hopefully post video responses to address your questions. If you have any questions which are way beyond my scope, I won’t be afraid to pull in some of the smarter people that I have behind me, my coach Eric Helms for example.

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