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Established in 2010 After San Diego’s first Kettlebell gym, Iron Core, stopped offering group classes, its members turned to their RKC instructor Cody Bramlett for a solution – and thus KXT was born.
It began as a weekly bootcamp on the sand in Mission Bay. And now it is a giant modern 3,000 square foot indoor gym packed with kettlebells, TRX, Giant Tires, and everything need to get you burning fat and in shape fast! Group classes and Personal Sessions are offered Monday-Saturday all year long, Morning, Noon, and Evening!
Classes range in difficulty from beginners to advanced, but KXT guarantees you’ll leave sweaty, and challenged.
Your first session is either one-on-one or in very small group where one of our certified instructors will teach you the Kettlebell skills. So next time you come, you will be prepared to join a group workout. Or choose a personal training.
Kettlebell X Training is Fun, Simple, and Easy!
I was introduced to Kettlebells by my brother in 2005, and I became addicted! In 2007, I began teaching classes as well as providing personal training to individuals and small groups. Unfortunately, the facility I taught at closed, but it motivated me to start my own Kettlebell gym! I have created numerous workout routines that would crush the latest late night infomercial workouts. My students raved as they started to see dramatic changed in their bodies FAST!
Kettlebell X Training offers over 30 kettlebell classes a week for all levels, at all hours off the day to fit your schedule. We have classes designed for beginners or advanced kettlebell users and have heavy lifting days, but I guarantee all classes are fun and challenging.

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