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Trainers Specializing in Muscle Building

  • Fitness Baron

    Fitness Baron

    Fitness Baron

    Hits 375

    All about building muscle, getting fit, cardio, yoga and nutrition.
  • Parth Shah

    Parth Shah

    Do Not Simply Exist, Conquer

    Hits 401

    Parth Shah is a Strength Consultant based in New Hyde Park, New York and is currently going through his own personal physique transformation.
  • Mike Matthews

    Mike Matthews

    Muscle For Life

    Hits 318

    Hey! My name is Mike Matthews and I'm a bestselling health and fitness author, and creator of My mission is to empower people to take control of their health and fitness by following a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle that not only gives them the body they've always wanted, but enables them to live a long, vital, disease-free life.
  • Brandon Campbell

    Brandon Campbell

    Bar Don't Lie

    Hits 370

    Campbell Fitness is just a fancy name for the progress and musings from my own training, diet and supplementation.
  • Todd Kuslikis

    Todd Kuslikis

    Higher Performance, Higher Existence

    Hits 392

    They were wrong. Bodyweight exercises can help you build muscle size not just get you lean. Hi, I'm Bodyweight Todd. I'm here to teach you how you can build a great physique while using just your own bodyweight. Join 62,647 others and download my FREE Complete Bodyweight Training Program & Video Library to learn how.
  • Mike Thiga

    Mike Thiga

    Bodyweight Training for Supreme Muscle Gain

    Hits 390

    This Muscle Building System Has Been Proven Time and Time Again To Put On Pounds Of Solid Muscle On Even The Skinniest and Most “Physically Disadvantaged” of People… ...Without EVER Having To Lift Weights.
  • Rob Regish

    Rob Regish

    Blueprint Army

    Hits 457

    For almost 30 years, Rob has devoted his life to the pursuit of mastering physical culture. He is a former power-lifter, accomplished author, radio personality, product formulator and sought after consultant covering a broad range of topics in the field. Rob lives his training every day, just like you. At almost 45 years of age, he can still be found doing 1 arm pushups and training hard in the gym. And just like you he takes this lifestyle seriously, with an eye for RESULTS. After all, RESULTS are what really matter. So learn from his hard won knowledge and wisdom.
  • Wade Johnson

    Wade Johnson

    Lift heavy, train smart, eat more pizza

    Hits 405

    Wade Johnson is a powerlifter. He has bench pressed 585lbs, deadlifted 655, and squatted 860 in competition. Although, those aren't world records, how often do you see people deep squatting 860? That's what I thought! Wade Johnson has also been a writer for magazines such as Monster Muscle, interviewing other great powerlifters in the weight lifting community. Not only is Wade a successful powerlifter, he's a father of four and a man who is well respected in the powerlifting community and quite knowledgeable about powerlifting too.
  • Dan Trink

    Dan Trink

    Pack on the slabs of muscle on your arms today

    Hits 446

    Maybe you’re tired of following the training programs you find in the back of the fitness magazines. Or haven’t had long term success with the latest fad diets. Maybe you are brand new to training and have no idea where to start. Or you just don’t have the budget to have a trainer follow you around the gym for 3 hours per week. There are many reasons why online training and nutrition coaching may the right choice for you. But I’m about to give you the two best reasons: individualization and results. No two people respond to training and nutrition programs in the same way. This is where my concept of individualization comes in. Together we will set goals and then design customized protocols for you to follow based on your current lifestyle demands and training and nutrition history. No cookie-cutter programs here. Every training session and every meal plan is designed specifically for you. I’m not saying there won’t be sacrifices, but everything will be designed in a way to fit within your current day-to-day responsibilities. And what’s the point of setting goals if we don’t put the wheels in motion to achieve those results? We will use a combination of assessments and track progress to insure that we are doing everything possible to reach the goals that we set together. Your success is my success and that is something I take very seriously and very personally
  • Jeff Anderson

    Jeff Anderson

    The Muscle Nerd

    Hits 442

    Jeff Anderson, known for some of the most advanced bodybuilding theories bringing results to everyone from the