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Trainers Specializing in Fat Loss

  • Anthony Alayon

    Anthony Alayon

    Making Unwanted Fat a Thing of the Past

    Hits 325

    I am a certified fitness trainer and fitness author who is excited about the launch of my own personal website - http://www.fatextinction.com
  • Josh Schlottman

    Josh Schlottman

    Your #1 Athletic Fat Loss Coach

    Hits 289

    I really love helping people who have a fire in them and want to accomplish something with their lives. To be frank, if you’re unmotivated and you’re not an action taker then there’s a good chance we wouldn’t get along. It’s just the way I am. But if you have a burning desire to change something about yourself and you bring along a positive attitude then we’ll be best friends.
  • JoeyVaillancourt


    Bones to Buff

    Hits 270

    Joey Vaillancourt Fitness is a resource for your muscle building and fat loss needs.
  • Paul Becker

    Paul Becker

    Transformations for Life

    Hits 320

    I'm an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer that specializes in helping people build lean muscle mass, define their bodies, & lose body fat. Offering ONLINE TRAINING
  • Greg O'Gallagher

    Greg O’Gallagher

    Build the chiseled hollywood physique and enjoy life to the utmost

    Hits 326

    Greg O'Gallagher from Kinobody.com. I teach people how to build the lean and muscular physique.
  • Isabel Del Los Rios

    Isabel Del Los Rios

    Peace and happiness through clean eating

    Hits 285

    Passionate Nutritionist committed to helping people take control of their bodies WITHOUT dieting.
  • Nick Pineault

    Nick Pineault

    Nick and Gen's Healthy Life

    Hits 273

    The most common question I receive from people that want to get healthier and lose a few pounds here and there is… “Where the heck do I start?” You know what? That’s a freakin’ good question! And the simple answer is… Start with something small. So small that it seems silly.
  • Yuri Elkaim

    Yuri Elkaim

    Get the body you want & the energy you deserve

    Hits 344

    If you want to burn fat, get fit, and feel great...even faster, then welcome home! I'm Yuri Elkaim - NY Times best-selling author, health and fitness expert, and former pro soccer...and I'm here to help you achieve the healthiest, fittest, and best version or yourself.
  • Darin Steen

    Darin Steen

    Build a better body and build a better life

    Hits 284

  • Holly Rigsby

    Holly Rigsby

    Get an even bettter body back

    Hits 346

    Fat Loss solutions for Busy Moms: Get Your Body Back in just 90 Minutes a week! Follow me on FaceBook for workouts, meal plans and motivation!