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  • Mark Mc Manus

    Mark Mc Manus

    Explosive muscle gains & fat burning

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    o spread the best workout for muscle growth FREELY across the world! To help put an end to enormous amount of B.S. that saturates the bodybuilding and supplement industry.
  • Sean Nalewanyj

    Sean Nalewanyj

    No B.S. Science-based fitness advice

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    Sean Nalewanyj here, best-selling fitness author, natural bodybuilder and success coach. I give out real, science-based, no B.S training, nutrition and supplementation advice to help you reach your physique goals in the most productive yet practical way possible. I provide huge amounts of valuable free content through the Fitness Articles on this website, as well as on my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page. If you find my tips helpful, make sure to check out my complete program, The Body Transformation Blueprint.
  • Jared DiCarmine

    Jared DiCarmine

    High Voltage Muscle

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    What if I told you there was a tough-as-nails series of workouts to shock your body and your muscles? Forcing them to grow like never before? Now imagine if you only needed one of these workouts PER WEEK to kick-start these steroid-like gains.
  • Michael Elias

    Michael Elias

    Nutrition and Training

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    Personalized online and in person training with Michael Elias
  • The Hodgetwins

    The Hodgetwins

    Double your gains with the Hodge Twins

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    The Hodge twins have become the bad boys of fitness. With their edgy comedy and fitness straight-talking, they've amassed over 2 million YouTube subscribers. Use their new brand of training advice to double-team your workouts and make twice the gains
  • Kris Gethin

    Kris Gethin

    Transformation Specialist

    Hits 336

    Kris Gethin is a qualified sports Therapist, Professional Natural Bodybuilder, Author of the Best Seller, Body by Design, Deputy Editor of the Digital Publishing Group, Spokesmodel for and one of the world’s most renowned transformation specialists. His Video series, The Hardcore Video Trainer has already received over 74 millions views to date!
  • Chad Howse

    Chad Howse

    Be Legendary - Bringing Back the Manliness

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    The goal of this site is to help you become optimal, as far from mediocre as you can possibly be. This includes the life you lead and the man you are. We're bringing back manliness, daring mighty things, crafting our Legendary existence on this fine planet.
  • John Meadows

    John Meadows

    The Brutality of Mountain Dog Training

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    Our nutrition plans are designed to facilitate very intense training, and to optimize health. Our training plans are designed to push you to your limit.
  • Evian Hanshaw

    Evian Hanshaw


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    Women's bodybuilding
  • Shelby Starnes

    Shelby Starnes

    IFBB Professional Bodybuilder & Nutrionalist

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    I am an IFBB professional bodybuilder, powerlifter, nutritionist, and trainer who has helped hundreds of athletes reach their fitness goals.