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Art DeVany

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The New Evolution Diet is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is available in English and French in Canada. In the UK, the latest edition is now called The De Vany Diet, a better title in some ways. There are Brazilian, Korean and German versions. The writing has been called elegant in saying only what must be said and nothing more. I think you will find the parts emphasizing the Ice Ages and this genetic bottleneck’s importance in the shaping of human behavior and metabolism original and informative. Math matters, no other book treats the mathematics of human metabolism as a complex, dynamical system or gene expression as complex networks. The energy balance model is misleading and may have many set points. The idea that the central nervous system protects the brain in competition for nutrients with other body tissues is original to this book and offers a new perspective on weight gain, obesity, and a peaceful mental state. My book also contains the latest research on the role of the brain in metabolism and regards inflammation as a central nexus of chronic diseases.

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